We are proud to be serving Pinellas County and Tampa Bay area with integrative medicine and cutting-edge technology. We are a comprehensive pain relief center here to offer solutions for regenerative therapy, joint pain, back pain, disc herniations, auto/slip/ fall injuries, spinal decompression, and neuropathy pain. We pride ourselves in making sure we provide you with the top care in pain relief, education and understanding of your conditions in Clearwater possible to meet your health goals.
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In out office, we work as a team to get better. This may include treatments such as chiropractic care, trigger point treatment and physical therapy. Our providers will do several tests to determine what is best for you and your case after doing a thorough history and examination along with any necessary diagnostic tests such as x-ray both static and dynamic. After reviewing you case, if it is medically necessary, you will be prescribed physical therapy. Physical therapy is designed to help your body restore it’s normal function and get you back to your daily activities without pain.